Our Guides

Katrine really makes her guests at home through her friendly personality and smile. After finishing her Master's Degree in German Language and Literature, she decided to move from Denmark to Berlin, the city she fell in love with on her first visit. Katrine has experience in guiding coach tours through Germany and Berlin. However, she most enjoys Berlin on foot showing her Danish, English and German speaking guests the city up close and personal.

Arne has been living in Berlin for more than 8 years and is still taken by the city’s dynamics and vitality.  As a studied art and architectural historian, he also enjoys the more unknown faces of the German capital and their stories.  He is particularly interested in German history and Berlin’s architecture up to the present day with a special preference for the real Berlin “originals” like Bouletten, Karl-Marx-Allee and the farmer’s market on the Kreuzberg riverside.

Yves moved to Berlin three years ago. Originally from Luxembourg, he has been living in Germany for the past 9 years. Having grown up in a multilingual environment, he speaks five different languages.  An expert on WW2 history he now finds himself finishing his Ph D. in Chinese studies. After living in Israel he also has a keen interest in Jewish Berlin. He looks forward to taking you on tour, be it in English, German, French, Chinese or maybe some Hebrew!

Sebastian fell in love with Berlin at the age of 16, at the legendary Love Parade.  From this event the “Rheinlander” decided to move to the city of his dreams and also pursue his studies of New History. “You can see the extremes of the 20th century burnt into the many faces of Berlin” exclaims Sebastian as he shares his fascination for the past and present history of Berlin with visitors from all over the world.

Originally from Belarus, Tatiana arrived in Berlin in 1998 and felt right at home from her very first day. During her studies at Humboldt University, she got to know German culture and the history of Berlin. This not only stirred up an interest, but also a love for the capital. With this passion, she enjoys taking Russian and German speaking guests through Berlin.

Anja adopted Berlin as her new home ten years ago and since then has gotten to know the city inside out.  She is fascinated by the ever-changing city and its living history. This excitement is what she likes to share with guests in an entertaining, friendly and professional way. Apart from German speaking tours, she is also guides Danish people after having completed her Scandinavian studies and a recent stay in Copenhagen.

Jenny, originally from Italy completed her Masters in Mass Communication. Spending some of this time abroad, she developed a strong multicultural spirit. No wonder that, even after 5 years in Berlin she can't stop being fascinated by the unique history and atmosphere of the German capital. Follow along the footsteps of ancient and recent history which has made Berlin one of the most interesting and vibrant cities of the world. Ready to be surprised?

Anna was born in the former GDR, in East Berlin. Growing up under a socialist/communist government, she has experienced many changes in her suburb of Prenzlauer Berg, especially since the wall has come down. She loves sharing her many Berlin experiences during her tours which are captivating for tourists from all over the world. Besides doing our walking tours in Berlin, Anna is often guiding American and Canadian groups throughout European. She studied English and French Translation and is truly passionate about culture and intercultural communication.